Production Capacity (m³/h)
Aggregates Hoppers
4 - 5 / in Line
Aggregates Capacity (m³)
60 - 120
Cement Silos
1 - 4
Screw Conveyor (mm)
Aggregates Dosing
Conveyor Belt
Batch Capacity (m³)
Type of Mixer
Twin Shaft Mixer
Control Cabin
Total Power (kw)
Absorbed Power (kw)
The MODULMIX batching plants' range has been created with the premise of the modular design to facilitate and minimize its transport as well as its installation to the final destination.

They are divided in two main modules: aggregate module and load module.

The aggregates Module is mainly the group of hoppers, of modular design, compact and foldable, which contains inside all the necessary elements for its assembly and run it without any additional transports. It has the particularity that individual modules of hoppers can be added to be expanded from 4 to 5. All the accessories are folded and factory hinged. The weighing conveyor and the group of hoppers are transported together, which minimizes logistics requirements for the batching plant and facilitates module pre-installation with fast connections.

The load Module includes the aggregates conveyor belt, with all its accessories already installed, the weigh scale module, the mixer platform, with modular design and assembly by pins, and the twin shaft mixer. This module, as well as the previous one, is entirely preinstalled in factory and requires a minimum time for its final assembly.

MODULMIX provides to the client with a large adaptability to his needs thanks to its modularity, with the performances of a stationary batching plant, but adding the advantages of a high mobility and assembly ease.

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